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What is Route66? (in English)

Route66 is a talent program of D66, aimed at members of D66 between the ages of 25 and 33. Through the programme we deepen our knowledge of political issues, develop our political skills and broaden our social network in and outside of D66. The program lasts for two years and all activities are organized by its participants. In total there are forty participants, with twenty newly selected Routers joining every year.

What are the activities of Route66?

Every first Saturday of the month we organize a day about a specific topic, either a current political issue or focussing on a specific skill. These Saturdays are the backbone of the program. We also organize three weekends: the introduction weekend, an international working visit and a weekend devoted to skill development. Additionally, Routers support D66 by executing various projects. Finally, we organize Jurassic Parks: small scale meetings with experienced leaders in politics and business. If desired, Routers receive advice and support in their social or political career within the party.

Route66 Saturdays

These days are organized throughout the Netherlands and as said focus on a specific topic or skill, examples from recent years are the crisis in the housing market, Energy, the refugee crisis and how the Netherlands should cope with regions that are losing population. Experts are invited to share their views on these matters. In addition, we get to work ourselves: we do research in neighborhoods, draft speeches, we debate or develop creative solutions to pressing social problems.


Routers support D66 by executing various projects. For example, we support the parliamentary group with legislative initiatives, we evaluate campaigns with the National Bureau or we support a local department in recruiting new members. A lot of Routers also stay active within D66, so don’t be surprised when you come across one of our alumni at the National Congress, the general meeting or in your local department.

Introduction weekend – international working visit – skills weekend

Our first activity of the year is the introduction weekend in January. The new and the old class of Routers first meet each other during this weekend and we jointly establish the program for the upcoming year. In spring Route66 has an international working visit during a long weekend. Every other year we visit Brussels so each class of Routers can meet with MEPs of D66 at the European Parliament. The alternating year we travel to more creative locations, depending on where political action is going. We recently traveled to London to help the ALDE sister party Lib-Dems during their campaign – sadly with limited result as the Lib-Dems lost significantly. Finally, one weekend focuses on skills training for which we travelled to Enschede to re-play the negotiations surrounds the development of Twente Airport.


Many Routers stay active in D66 after the program finishes. Also Route66 itself organizes several social and formal activities for Alumni throughout the year such as the annual Route-Alumnisaturday and BBQ. Besides we see more and more Routers taking an expert role on one of our Saturdays themselves.

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